Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wu-Tang Clan-"The Heart Gently Weeps"(2007)

Look, i know this shit is soooo 2007, but sometimes i can be late in the game with music released in the last few years, especially with Wu-Tang. I mean, The W had a few songs on it that were solid, but they just fell off as a group after their first 2 albums.

This video is missing my favorite (alternate) chorus sung by Ghostface that goes like: "This is bitch crazy- she brought her baby...." to the tune of the original chorus("I don't know why nobody told you- how to unfold you, love.....")

Here's a clip of Rza talking about the song:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drake vs Joy Division

Shit has been so wack lately- ranging from a friend of mine finding a dead body to another bro getting arrested on trumped up misdemeanor charges. Hopefully this weekend will be better for everyone.

This is all i got....

Maybe i'm listening too hard, or maybe i just want to hear a connection between these 2 songs. I just don't know. I think 97.9 the beat and k 1-0-fiz-0 have finally corrupted my brain like too many hits of ectasy or acid (luckily i've never done either of those illicit drugs or i'd really be damaged).

Don't these synthesizer lines sound familiar?:

"Money to Blow" (2009)-i wish the youtube video didn't have embedding disabled

Music by | More on Birdman

"Decades" (1980)-listen for when the synth comes in at about 25 second mark