Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Serengeti & Polyphonic at Hailey's in Denton 10/26/09

As disappointed as I was to only get to see two songs by Serengeti (neither of which were Dennehy!) I was equally excited to hear Superbligged shout out "You wanna take a shot with Serengeti?!?" The thought "Hell ya" ran threw my mind as I headed to the bar for what turned out to be a shot of Jagermeister, artist's choice. Superbligged had a coke back and Serengeti and I hit it raw dog. I suggested he should have had an O'Douls chaser which earned a "Douls" from Serengeti. We asked him how to keep the juices in the brats which yielded a quick three line personal performance of "Dennehy": "Keep your juices in the chops, keep your juices in the brats. Serve 'em on paper plates, potato salad and grape pop." Just when I thought the moment couldn't get any doper Superbligged held an impromptu one question interview in which Serengeti revealed the inspiration behind "Dennehy". Apparently during the LLWS (Little League World Series for those not in the know) they interviewed the kids and asked them questions like "Who's your favorite actor?" Which lead him to ponder "What if your favorite actor was Brian Dennehy?" Thus was born a masterpiece

Friday, October 23, 2009

Flipper-"Sacrifice" (1983)

This is one of the bands i'm most eager to see at Fun Fun Fun Fest in a few weeks, but i am apprehensive about a band whose line-ups have been plagued with hard drug overdoses.

A good friend of mine and i used to always listen to the Flipper album Gone Fishin' at his apartment and get super bligged. It wasn't like any other punk we were listening to, but i think it helped us to broaden our horizons.

Of course we all know they were a big influence on Kurt Cobain, so i was intrigued to find out that Krist Novoselic (Nirvana, duh) had filled in and toured with Flipper not that long ago. They even covered "Scentless Apprentice". sick!

I've read that singer Bruce Loose was in a bad car accident a while back and when he (rarely) performs he must use a cane on stage. geez. However this show turns out to be, i'll be glad i finally get to see such influential, sludged -out punk heavyweights.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Alice Cooper at the Palladium in Dallas 10/12/09

$25 to see this living legend proved to be well w0rth it. The 2009 Theater of Death tour was macabre without being campy, and his well written tunes added substance to his morbid style.

During his hour and a half set, Alice was decapitated by a huge guillotine, stuck with a huge syringe filled with poison, put into an iron maiden-type death device, and hanged (while in a nurses uniform that he had just offed). What a performance!

I was excited with anticipation for "Dead Babies" when i saw a dummy baby on the stage, but soon realized the prop was for the much more popular title track "Billion Dollar Babies". Oh, well.

He reprised his set opener "Schools Out" for his one song encore. It was a blast to see Alice in his glittery sequined suit with a matching top hat, running around the stage like he was in his twenties (not 61). I just wished i would've been doing a j during this encore like Wooderson or something.

scope how hardcore Alice used to be:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Funkadelic-"Cosmic Slop" (1978)

My friend threw on my Hardcore Jollies(1976) LP the other night and i always love crankin' it up on this one. With two lead guitars, a nasty bassline, and some amazing drumming- this track gets so funked out and psychedelic it makes my brain tingle. Bernie Worrell, who would go on to play with the Talking Heads, is just as impressive on keyboards.

This version is live from Houston, Texas in 1978. Maybe they're so tight because by this time they had been playing the above song for approximately 5 years. It originally appeared on the album Cosmic Slop(1973) which i still yearn for to this day. (The first track off that album is titled "Nappy Dugout".) Yuh!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Serengeti & Polyphonic-"Sunrise" (2009)

I'm pretty excited about seeing the Chicagoan that penned "Dennehy" perform his unique style of hip-hop live. He's opening for Anticon label-mate WHY? at the end of the month, performing and promoting a new album with rapper Polyphonic.

The bare-bones production on "Sunrise" sounds great and the vocals remind me of Tricky meets the Michrophones/Mt. Eerie.

The show is only $12 which sounds worth it. I'm not sure what to expect of the headliners after reading a description that read "pop-inflected psychedelic folk-hop". I remember hearing cLOUDEAD years ago and thinking it was pretty good. hmmm.....who knows?

The show is on Monday October 26th at Hailey's in Denton.

Its probably gonna leave me aching for a juicy brat.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fury (1978)

Holy shit does this movie go hard. From the action-packed opening shootout set in the middle east all the way to the 'explosive' ending. This paranormal thriller gets a helping hand setting the mood with John Williams' excellent score. His use of a theramin in some scenes add a real sense of eeriness. And to think he did this a year after making the Star Wars soundtrack.

Kirk Douglas plays Peter, the protaganist pitted against a former colleague Childress, played by John Cassavettes. Childress kidnaps Peter's son, Robin, and wants to use his supernatural powers for some unpleasant top secret government agency's use. The exposition in this movie is so fun to watch with DePalma at the helm (some great mall shots a la Body Double).

Peter uses his handsome good looks (and hard body) to infiltrate the curious Paragon Institute to find a young psychic reciever, Gilian, who also has great telepathic and destructive powers. Together they set out to find Robin.

John Cassavettes sure is great at playing a villian. He doesn't let his wife sleep with the devil in this one but his character is so sinister you know he would if he had the chance.

Near the end things really get out of control. When Robin's veins pop, people drop. This movie is a step up from DePalma's previous film, Carrie, which is also based around supernatural mind powers (pyrokinesis/telekinesis). Alls I can say is I wouldn't want to suffer from 'the fury' of Gilian or Robin. No thanks.