Friday, December 31, 2010

"Horse Feathers" (2010)

also known as "Portrait of a Scrape Out as a Young Scum Dick"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

UGK-"One Day" (1996)

Yuh. One more jam outta Houston for ya'll.

This one's for Pimp C.
(December 29th, 1973 - December 4th, 2007)

This song features a sick Isley Brothers sample. My boy "Spook" tipped me off to this dope track. I should take a pic of and post his old Three Six Mafia tapes and old-school UGK shit he say he got.

Houston gonna always keep it soooo real.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Geto Boys-"Do It Like a G.O." (1990)

It's easy to see how this rap group got Rick Rubin's attention enough to remix their first album back in 1990.

This is most likely the earliest example of a rap group sampling a line from Scarface. "Don't fuck wit' me..." I'd like to see anyone show me someone using that shit before 1990.

Houston, you've kept it toooooo real since back in the day.

*My Houston series will be concluded soon.

E.S.G.-"Swangin n Bangin'" (1995)

No, not that ESG. This is the rapper from Houston, not the sisters (plus Tito on congas) that play minimal funk from the south Bronx.

From the 1995 album Sailin' Da South-

Houston has been keepin' it real for sooooo long now.

Peep the one sentence Wikipedia has to say about this album.

I first heard this one on a mix by a local DJ named Young Doc Gooden a few years back. Damn, I'm getting old.

Here's the original off of 1994's Ocean of Funk-

And one more version, Chopped and Screwed-

Monday, December 27, 2010

Z-Ro-"That's the Type of Nigga I Am" (2009)

From the 2009 album "Cocaine"-

Houston keeps it sooooo real.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Low-"Just Like Christmas" (1999)

Happy Holidays

I love this pop Christmas tune.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DISCIPLINE @ Rubber Gloves

This is a new DJ night from Andrew(Lychgate), Kate (Whole Body + cool chick) and Shane(Corporate Park). I'm excited about this and really wish i didn't have previous engagements preventing me from attending. It should be a regular thing at Rubber Gloves on Thursdays whenever there isn't a show booked. I hope to catch the next one on the 30th...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

John Lydon & Afrika Bambaata-"World Destruction" (1984)

Big up to my homegirl K-FAL for tippin' me off to this jam yesterday, or was it the day before yesterday. I don't know.....

What a collaboration. The synths, the beat, the vocals, and the message are all too dope.

Arranged by Bill Laswell and featuring Bernie Worrell.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Money Boy vs Soulja Boy-"Turn My Swag On"

Damn. I can't believe I let not having the internet turn my swag off for a WHOLE MONTH. No bloggin, no Smoot tube, no checking my gmail and bank account daily.......just been watching The Wire, Twin Peaks, and the worst available jamz on RedBox......

Well here's my intro back into the game...

A Youtube expert friend of mine called Money Boy "Our generation's RAED"-but i didn't realize that was a generation ago?.....

And here's the original:

I can't figure out which one i like better.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dallas Symphony Orchestra plays Psycho 10/29/10 at the Meyerson

From the DSO website:
Thrill to Alfred Hitchcock's full length feature film Psycho on the big screen, accompanied live by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Bernard Herrmann's classic score changed the character of film music; its screeching strings infuse scenes with electricity that still shocks today.

The strings to this score are probably the most imitated by human mouths than any other, except for maybe Jaws or some other John Williams pieces. After the performance we even heard people on the way down the stairs mimicking, "rhee... rhee... rhee... rhee...". Poor Janet Leigh.

This was truly a treat. Watching the DSO perform this brooding music live to such an outstanding classic film was spell-binding.

Bernard Herrmann composed six film scores with Hitchcock before they had a falling out over Torn Curtain(1966). He worked with Hitchcock fan (or knockoff) Brian DePalma in both the films Obsession(1974) and Sisters (1973), preceded by Francois Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 (1966) and Orson Welles's Citizen Cane(1941). There's also Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver(1976) to consider and too many more to list.....

Here's one piece that's now engrained into popular culture as well:

The first time i remember hearing about someone's admiration for this composer's work was from my friend and knowledgeable music fan, Jeff W, a couple years ago. I wonder if he has any of this on wax?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Au Pairs-"It's Obvious" (1980)

I'm sure my friend Layla has already posted this song and twenty more post-punk classics that i haven't gotten around to, but here it is anywayz.

I originally ordered this Au Pairs anthology from Amazon over a year ago. was unable to fulfill my order and quickly refunded me. A combination of laziness, apathy and bliggedness kept me from reordering until a couple pay periods ago, when i decided i should order something NOT from Italians Do It Better. This track is a stand out.....

It's funny-I used to not really like female vocals. What was wrong with me?

Any why in the hell are they on

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson

The King of Pop and Freddie from Queen

i found this on the internet titled "two guys just hanging at a party"

wish i knew who to give credit to....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blissed Out at Majestic Dwelling of Doom in Denton 9/21/10

Rewind to a week ago on Monday night:

This remarkable evening started off with Alex from the duo Blissed Out dj'ing Gucci Mane, Tupac n Snoop mashups, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka and the like in between the opening local acts. These cuts were much superior selections than some sound guy would normally opt for (no offense to JC).

By the time headliners Blissed Out (NYC) played (around one something in the morning), i was surprised there wasn't more than the half dozen or so people in there to watch. Everyone else, as happens at many a house party, was outside drinking, socializing, or talking about leaving for Haileys, etc.

I had talked to the two guys from Blissed Out earlier in evening and asked if they wanted to smoke some of this spliff i was holding-to which Sasha and Alex both eagerly replied with an affirmative. So they're setting up and just when they are almost done i bust it out, ask if they are still down, and Alex say's "Let's do it". So Blissed Out got bligged out with superbligged himself and a few others, minutes before playing their inspiring genre blending mix of electronica with choice modern rap samples.

With the smell of tobacco mixed with the strong stench of skunky indica in the room, they started their "witch house" set (i first heard that term from Stoned Ranger in the description for this show, then DJ G posted the above link on FB today, thanks (it list : monday). A few songs in i noticed the sparsely used OJ the Juiceman sample "Aye!", most likely from "Make the Trap say Aye" single that he put out with Gucci Mane. The only reason it's hard to tell is because him saying "aye" is kind of his thing, like Young Geezy saying, "Yeaaaaaaaaah".

They mixed in unintelligible and processed vocals with synth patches over some beats. (Also, in Stoned Ranger's description of this band was early Aphex Twin, which is spot on as an influence). The set closer really blew my mind. It's their "remix" of Alicia Keys from "Empire State of Mind", but this sample wasn't clean and pretty like a GirlTalk mashup. Shit was grimy, nasty, and pitch shifted. Then they threw a break beat behind it and really started grooving things up, then washed it out, then they brought that shit back! It was a great closing to a fantastically original and fun set. I think this band has an edge over similar contemporaries like Fuck Buttons, who i've seen before and now would have to say pale in comparison.

Blissed Out- "Empire State of Mind Edit"- Synchronicity Space- Los Angeles, CA - 6/10/10 from Samantha Cornwell on Vimeo.

this one has a Rihanna sample, yuh:

And on a sad note: R.I.P. the great Majestic Dwelling of Doom. For years this house on 731 Texas Street in Denton has hosted shows from local bands like The Great Tyrant and Undoing of David Wright (in the early days when it was 8th Continent) to LA's Health and Tel Aviv's Monotonix. DOOM you will be missed.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Machete (2010)

I'm sure most anyone interested in seeing Machete by now has already seent it.

My friend digi bees and i went to see this jam a few Sundays ago. Man, i wish everyday was like this Sunday. The action was amazing, the violence and nudity were gratuitous*, and motherfucking Trejo went too hard. The plot was actually well thought out, too.

At the start of the film we got Machete (Trejo), a Mexican federale, who is double crossed by his own commander that is in cahoots with the ridiculously ridiculous drug lord Torres (Stephen Seagal). Torres then kills his wife and threatens his daughter next. Machete is left for dead...Years later as a day laborer in Austin, Texas, he is hired for a job that entangles him into an intricate conspiracy involving the incumbent Senator of Texas (played by Robert Deniro), the Sentator's assistant Boothe and his fine ass daughter (Lindsay Lohan), an immigrations agent (Jessica Alba), Machete's brother, now a priest (Cheech Marin), and a slew of Mexis known as "The Network" (including Michelle Rodriguez) that operate as 'coyotes'. Don Johnson is also in the mix as a border patrol militia man.

Writing about this flick probably would have gone by the wayside, but as i was reading the Dallas Morning News today (coincidentally drinking organic Mexican coffee) i came across an interesting article. (ok, so i frustratingly couldn't find the exact DMN article online, this one is from the AP). The DMN story was title "Doctor's cast doubt on deputy's story" (Saturday September 25, Page 4A) if you wanna find it for yourself, good luck...

Shit is loco. Stay tuned for a super late and superbligged review of last monday's Blissed Out show at Majestic Dwelling of Doom.

*I am really into all kinds of movies, but some say my tastes are limited to horror or really 'fucked up' movies, which i strongly disagree with. In this case, these attributes of this movie just work particularly well. I am also aware that 'seent' isn't a real word.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Augustus Pablo-"Java" (1986)

This isn't bad footage for 1986. I'm very impressed that Augustus could play that melodica so well.

Speaking of the aforementioned instrument, just the other day i was giving props to local (Ft. Worth, respectively) dub legends Sub Oslo (who opened for Sleep in Austin a couple nights ago- bummer i missed it) for being the only band at Melodica Fest back in '08 to actually use a melodica.

Jah, man.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mariah Carey featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard -"Fantasy" (1995)

Did anyone else say "What the motherfucking fuck?" when this song came out in 1995? The "Queen of Pop" (arguably- sorry Whitney) collaborating with Ol' Dirt McGirt is somewhat confounding.

Don't get me wrong, it's one of my many guilty pleasures when it comes to mainstream popular songs from the wonderful decade that was the 90s.

The real draw to this song, besides the mascot of Wu-Tang Clan (may he rest in peace), is obviously the fantastically catchy Tom Tom Club sample from "Genius of Love".

I'm ready for the barrage of hate, so bring it....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bone Thugs N Harmony-"Crossroads" (1995)

Yo, bone, bone, bone, bone ,bone. Who the fuck wants to hit this motherfuckin' Bone show? I probably wouldn't even have to bring my own skunky wunk. I could just ax a dude named Mondo to my left to pass that blunt and then i'll ax J-Rod to my right to pass that other shorty-doo-wop.

Cleveland, Ohio's Bone Thugs N Harmony will be performing their most well known material, E. 1999 Eternal in Dallas at the House of Blues on October 27th. Sounds blazing amazing. I just need to find some bros to roll. Lez do this.

It'll be even more off the chain if they threw this gem in for Biggie-

Damn, this is the best shit to come out of Cleveland since Pere Ubu.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

OMD-"Enola Gay" (1980)

(Just pretend i posted this a month ago)

The song is named after Enola Gay, the USAAF B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped "Little Boy", the first atomic bomb to be used in an act of War, on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. (wikipedia)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cameo-"Attack Me with Your Love" (1985)

This song was jammin' on KSOUL last night. "Bushwhack me with your love" has to be one of the greatest lines containing the most frequently over-used, single word in song ever, "love".

Don't forget Spinderella, formerly of Salt n Pepa, spins old-school and classics on 94.5 Saturday nights. Peace.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nino Brown (1991)

From New Jack City:

here's the modern day influence:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kool Keith on the White Rapper Show (2007)

I can't believe it's been over 3 years since i enjoyed The White Rapper Show.

Shout out to my boy John Brown, King of the 'Burbs(horn sound)... shout out to my boy Shamrock(horn sound)... shout out to my boy Sully(horn sound)... shout out to my girl Persia(horn sound)... Shout out to Jus' Rhyme(horn sound).....shout out to MC Serch(horn sound)... and lastly, shout out to my boy Kool Keith (horn sound)!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Otis Redding-'Shake' (1966)

I still haven't heard the new re-issue, Otis Redding & His Orchestra-Live on the Sunset Strip, that was released a couple months ago. I do long for it.....

I have the Stax/Volt Revue: Live in Norway DVD from 1967 that has the amazing Stax line-up (Mar-Keys, Booker T & the MG's, Sam & Dave) in its prime. That remastered and remixed recording sounds extraordinary. Headliner Otis definitely has the stand out performance that one would expect from this soulful master of R&B. It is truly a shame that he perished so young (at 26) in a plane crash that killed 4 others from his band.

Just listen to these guys play. Its phenomenal.

I once had this shit cranked way the hell up one day when I was living with my brother. I had just gotten superbligged out, and I let this financial advisor in that had an appointment with my brother and his wife. I was so wunked out that i didn't even turn the music down when i let him in and offered him a seat in the same living-room that was blaring. My brother was running late, so when he came home a few minutes later with a shocked look on his face from my oblivious blazed behaviour, he asked how this dude was doing, to which he replied in a loud voice, "Fine. We're jammin' in hear!". Maybe you had to be there.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MIA-'Born Free' (2010)

I finally saw this video for the first time last night. My friend was telling me Saturday about MIA's new song in which she (big surprise) uses a Suicide sample as the main melody.

This is all old news now, but surprisingly this video was banned from YouTube. Personally, i find Strongman Ron much more offensive and despicable.

Maybe Suicide will become a household name now......yeah right!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Charlie-"Spacer Woman" (1983)

This track goes so hard. All I know about this song is Charlie is Italian.

"I don't want to hurt you, i just want to love you..."

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Pretenders-"Its a Thin Line Between Love & Hate" (1983)

I was looking for a Six Finger Satellite video to post this morning. I couldn't find a good one that allowed embedding, so here's an oldie but goodie....

I shouldn't have been so surprised to find out that The Pretenders' line ups over the years have included: (briefly) Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke of the Smiths; Bernie Worrell of P-Funk and Talking Heads; and even Paul Carrack of Roxy Music.

Daniel Francis Doyle might have been influenced by the drummer's sweet headset.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Glass Candy-'Feeling Without Touching' (2010)

I've been spending my free time alone watching early X-Files and Law and Order: SVU. What a waste- but mindless and entertaining. (Some of those SVU's are NASTY, dawg).

Here's a band i've wanted to post something by for a while. I never get tired of this electro-duo that's always on point. This newish track is a good one.....

Portland's Glass Candy is playing their only East Coast show this year in New York City with Mike Simonetti on Friday, July 2nd. Sounds fucking amazing. Let's go......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention- "In the Sky" (1968)


I've never fully embraced Frank Zappa. A lot of people always tell me how bad ass he is; I just think i need to listen to more before i draw any hearty conclusions.

"A lot of what we do is designed to annoy people......"-totally amazing, Frank.

I will always give him props for standing up to Tipper Gore's PMRC in the 80s. Parental advisory stickers-what a joke! Did it stop any of you all from buying explicit music when you were just a kid? Not me. I was jamming that NWA tape like a motherfucker.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LCD Soundsystem at Palladium Ballroom in Dallas 6/9/10

Damn. I can't believe its already been a week since i went to this. Time flies, i guess.

They played for about an hour and ten minutes, then did a 3 song encore. For a $50 ticket, that's about $3.85 per song. Not a bad deal. Oh, and if you get electronic tickets, be sure to print them out before you get bligged and head to the show. I owe my boy and his secretary a solid. Here's the set (according to and what i remember)
  1. Us v Them
  2. Yr City's a Sucker
  3. Drunk Girls
  4. Pow Pow
  5. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
  6. All My Friends
  7. I Can Change
  8. Tribulations
  9. Movement
  10. Yeah
  11. (encore) Someone Great
  12. Losing My Edge
  13. New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down
This set closer "Yeah" really got us feeling those live beats Pat Mahoney was laying down. I might have even shook my skinny booty a little during that one. Not sure, though. I wished it would have gotten more acid house'd out, but it was still my favorite from the show. "Losing My Edge" was also choice live (maybe its just cuz i get every reference ;P). And what's the deal with "Drunk Girls" being the new single? They could've picked a better song off that new album.

Holy shit did openers
Holy Ghost suck. Lackluster to the max. The coolest thing about them was their clean, poofy hair. I'm sure you'll hear them in the mall soon enough if you haven't already......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm back- "I'm black"-CB4 (1993)

This song is amazing. I love this movie. Director Tamra Davis probably gets more love for directing Half-Baked, although everyone watching it is probably too bligged to know who the director is.

Street Cred: She also directed Billy Madison (alright, alright), she's married to Mike D. (the D is for Diamonds) of the Beastie Boys, she directed some Sonic Youth videos that i enjoyed in the early 90s- an era when anything was possible on MTV.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Goodnight sweet prince

July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010

The dude who said "in an mmmbop they're gone, in an mmmbop they're just not there" seent deeply into life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daniel Francis Doyle-"Send You Away/Street Stress (2009)

What can i say? This dude has been blowing my mind for a week now. I've been going to sleep with his songs in my mind, and then i wake up with his songs still there, floating around in my head. I had the pleasure of seeing DFD at the Smell a few nights ago and it was a fucking blast. The owner, Jim, gave Dan a hug after his set- which we were told is a big deal. With the reputation the Smell has, he doesn't have to show adulation towards anyone.....

Send You Away/ Street Stress from This Is Not A Record Label on Vimeo.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Faith No More-"From Out of Nowhere" at Coachella(2010)

This was my favorite band in 5th grade. I remember i had 6 FNM t-shirts and a long sleeve. I was really bummed i didn't see them open for a huge GnR/Metallica tour around 94(?). I have a fond memory about a PE coach giving me a hard time for not remembering something, and she said to me, "I bet you know all the words to that band whose shirts you wear every day". You were mostly right, coach.

I've still never seen these guys live. The closest i've been was a couple years ago when my friends and i saw Peeping Tom at the Granada in Dallas, with Dub Trio as Mike Patton's backing band and Dan The Automator spinning. It wasn't as good as i thought it would be, but that's nostalgia for you.

If i had ever bothered to look at the line-up for Coachella, i might have seriously considered going- partly to see Faith No More- for which i still have a soft spot in my heart.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

R.I.P. Guru of GangStarr

Keith "Guru" Elam
(July 17, 1966-April 19, 2010)

Big L and Guru, rest in peace....

This letter that Guru supposedly wrote on his deathbed sure is cold-blooded towards his old homeboy DJ Premier.....

Here's a real news story about this.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Madonna-"Deeper and Deeper" (1992)

A few months ago, we listened to this one before we went out. It really helped set the mood for a gay, as in vivacious, night. It was charming how my Madonna-loving friend wasn't familiar with her early 90s era(he's into Music and Celebration and on...?) so this blew his dome.

Think of what you were doing in 1992? I believe i was in 5th grade and really into Faith No More. At that time, i definitely wouldn't have recognized Sofia Coppola's appearance in this or how it has a Warhol theme to it...

The classical guitar in this production near the end, along with the rest of the production on this track, are and top notch and tasteful. I might have to keep my eyes open for either this single or a copy of Erotica.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mtume-"Juicy Fruit" (1983)

Another KSOUL jam that i heard on the LATE night creep a while back. I had no idea (although i should've assumed) that Biggie's hit "Juicy" just straight used this track for him to flow over.

The band leader for Mtume got his street cred in the 70s by playing and recording with Miles Davis as a percussionist and conga player.

My quest for this 12" has begun......

in case you forgot how dope Biggie's is:

It really is such a drag that if you wanna listen to Notorious B.I.G., you're forced to listen to Puff Daddy whisper bullshit all over these classic hip-hop jamz. Suge Knight did what needed to be done in '95 at the Source awards, when he called Puffy out for being "all in the videos....all in the record, dancing..." and all the stupid shit he still does.

btw today is Suge Knight's birthday. Happy birthday Suge.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Warpaint at the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth 4/10/10

Mixing visual art and music makes perfect sense-like pairing a nice, crisp white wine with some golden brown fried chicken. Or barbecue and beer like we had. We ate at Angelo's Barbecue in Ft. Worth before the show, and it was collectively agreed that this was probably the best bbq we ever had. The cheap 18 ounce scooners only helped solidify the great impression this place left on us. I had an amazing hot-link sand-o and everyone else got the beef brisket. Shit was delicious and definitely the highlight of the evening for me!

The $15 admission granted access to the whole museum, which included the exhibit Andy Warhol: The Last Decade. I felt like i could have seen most of these pieces at the Warhol Museum if i had actually made it out of my friend's place last year when i visited Pittsburgh. Its like i was stuck in a k-hole.

The temperature outside the Modern was mild and had just the right amount of breeze coming off the man-made pond that comes up to the museum's walls.
We knocked back some beers and got there just in time to watch the headliners, Warpaint. Their set started off slow and melodic and ended 45 or so minutes later the same way. I just kept waiting for shit to kick in. It never really did. I went to see these girls at the recommendation of some friends of mine that had gone to see Akron/Family with Warpaint opening. Warpaint had left them with positive things to say. I'm not sure i agree, even though their British drummer had great chops and their bassist locked in perfectly. There was some delay used on the drums to give them a little bit of that dub feel. Both guitarists were well prepared, had harmonious voices, and played well, but I was still left disenchanted by this performance. Oh well.....

We left for the Chat Room just before they finished their last song. Thanks to Rick at 1919 Hemphill who gave us 2 wristbands to use since they left after the Paper Rad dude played first. He had fun giving us a hard time for bliggin' out in the parking lot, and he played me like a fake ass straight-edger, who will take a shot by anyone who's excited about getting him one (since i thought he had the edge). Way to go, (p)Rick! I know i was feeling that shot of tequila on my ride home (and God knows someone else in the front seat was feeling the effects as he slept sitting up babyvine). I really like these Modern 'til Midnight events. This was the 2nd time i've been to one, and (first time, see here) all in all, another fun night.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vivian Girls- "Perfect Day" (2010)

Sorry these last posts have been in reverse chronological order, Memento- style (shit, or Irreversable-style if you're into that, oh wait-no one is into that).

Most rational people save their time/money/energy on nights leading up to SXSW, but our friend was in town from Pittsburgh so i think we all wanted to maximize our time hanging out late even if we'd regret it the next week when we're recovering . If Fig is in town, all common sense goes out the window along with a shitload of roaches, hand-rolled cigarette butts and maybe some throw-up.

I arrived at the Lounge on Elm just in time to watch the last few songs of the handsomely young looking Abe Vigoda (LA, California). Not bad.

I had regretted missing what i was told was an amazing house show by the Vivian Girls at the Exploding House in Ft. Worth a while back. (I had also heard one of my friends "hollered" at the bassist by drunkenly reciting some 'lil Wayne lyrics from Mrs. Officer, ha! so that bummed me our more).

My friends arrived just before the Vivian Girls started their boozed-up set. As if we couldn't tell by their between song banter how wasted these ladies were, they kept telling the audience through apologies about their condition.

They ended the set by inviting their tour mates, Male Bonding, who looked worse off then the them, on stage to perform this last tune written by Lou Reed. At the end of song, one of the guys fell hard into the drums and the drummer, Ali. What a sight it was.

These girls said they had just learned to play this cover and it looks like they recorded it less than a month later. I like how Stereogum called out Male Bonding for "kind of hurting" this recorded version at the beginning. I agree. Vivian Girls- i don't think they're helping you all out on this one. (And Ali, you're welcome for that coke back).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coathangers-"Parcheezi" (2007)

Hold up....rewind. Its been about two weeks since a few of us went to the Cavern to hear one of my bros DJ upstairs (it was billed as electro/indie/dubsteb, but i believe the night was rather HEAVY in dubstep, btw).

One of my friends had already been planning on going to this Coathangers show that was downstairs at the same venue. Around 12:30 am or later, we headed down there to catch some of these Atlanta girls' raucous set. They were definitely having a good time blasting out rudimental rhythms and quirky analogue synth tones- one after another.

I could have done without the cupcakes getting thrown around the place. I took a direct hit ("One shot kid....that's ONE shot) to the chest that could have been a major pink buzzkill, but it washed out.

The evening would have been just as convivial only listening to my friend Adrian and his Ft. Worth homeboy Dragonman DJ upstairs, but i sure was glad we went down (gratis, shhhh) to catch the second half of these girls' boisterous set.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Estate-"Fake Blues"(2009)

Fuck. SXSW was already almost a month ago. This was the first band i got to see Friday night, March 19th after driving to Austin by myself. Thank goodness for a huge iced coffee, Suicide's Half Alive, New Order's Low-Life to get me there safely.

I got to Klub Krucial just in time to catch these guys setting up and i would get to watch the whole set. It was pretty, pretty good.

I had missed these guys last November (where this song was filmed) in Dallas at the City Tavern. I've still never been there.

Real Estate preceded a band called Memory Tapes that almost bored me to death until they kicked out the jams (with increased decibels driving that four on the floor beat) during their last song.

After that show, i walked to Red 7 to see No Age followed by the Thurston Moore led punk supergroup Demolished Thoughts (not to be mistaken for a band name accidentally made up by my friend called Damaged Thoughts-try Googling that one). My friend Danny lost his glasses in the pit during these guys' set of old, hardcore covers. I loved that Dan said,"Oh. It was totally worth it. Losing my glasses to that!". What a sport. In between those two acts that had played outside, i was surprised at the tiny audience inside watching Viv Albertine of the infamous and influential Slits. Oh well, i guess there's a lot going on during SXSW.

We saw Bill "Ghostbustin'-ass" Murray outside after this show and from then the night continued to get a little crazy. I won't go into all the nitty grittys about our new French friend Marion bumming cigs off strangers and making Andy feel uncomfortable; possible clandestine, illicit drug purchases; or how we didn't get to sleep until after eating breakfast at 630 am, then dropping Babyvine off at the airport (that chicken fried steak hit the spot). Oh yeah, and it fucking poured on us when we finally got home to go to bed. I mean poured.

What a fun evening.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Carpenters-"Yesterday Once More" (1973)

Damn, man. This Carpenters documentary, Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters, has got me buggin'. My roommate has a thing for them, and after watching this documentary i finally understand why.

I know a lot of people's favorite jam is "Superstar", especially after Sonic Youth covered it for a tribute album in 1994. (This cover ended up being used in the 2007 horror film Juno).

I'm really glad my roommate scooped this doc from a Blockbuster closing-out sale. At $3.99, this turned out to be quite a steal.

with lyrics

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Edition-"Cool It Now" (1984)

Watching the Behind the Music on Bobby Brown sucked me in again the other night and inspired this phoned in post. (I can't believe Bobby's doing Celebrity Fit Club nowadays, btw). I mean, acccording to some people, he was one of the greatest performers of all time.

Bobby had a lot more to contribute to popular music than his former New Edition bandmates, who went on to form Bell Biv Devoe. "Poison"
is a dope track (i.e. just ask Matheson from Pineapple Express), but it doesn't hold up to Bobby's "My Prerogative", "Humpin' Around", and/or "Don't Be Cruel". What a sick list of singles. yeesh.

I could go on all day about Bobby (and don't even get me started on Whitney...), but instead lez just kick back and watch this shit:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vulgar Fashion, Corporate Park, Orange Coax, After Hours w/ George Quartz+ DJ G at Rubber Gloves 2/20/10

I missed the previous Vulgar Fashion show at DJ G's last weekly 80's night, for which they seem befitting. From Julie's (homemade) shoulder pads to Andrew Michael's tape reel and old mini-tv noise console, they look, sound, and act like new-wavers on LSD (I mean that in a good way). They were even more impressive than the first time i scoped them opening for Neon Indian's premiere show at the same venue.

When his synth melodies would start to sink in, Andrew Michael would hit the crowd with a wall of noise that made you want earplugs if you didn't have any. Julie's vocals have gotten even better since her hollering in Christian! Teenage Runaways. It was impossible not to have fun while watching this lively duo perform (and celebrate Julie's birthday). Their cheerleaders added a nice vivacious touch to the already animated, smoky crowd. It was a shame these headliner's set was cut short--they seemed to only play for about 25 or so minutes before Rubber Gloves closed for the night.

Corporate Park. Upon first hearing this band name- i was, uh, thinking they should have thought a little harder about their title. Good thing i don't judge a band by their name, because these 2 dudes really moved me in a great way. I felt like it could have been Sheffield in '81.

The classic electric duo setup, a la Suicide, can be played out and easy to phone in-but these guys do it really real. Jonah Lange worked analog electronics and a drum pad while Shane English delivered treated vocals sparingly over well programmed beats. This was the first time i had the pleasure of seeing CP and i know I'm not alone in my excitement for subsequent shows. Maybe if Cabaret Voltaire come to town they can open....

Orange Coax did that no-wave thang that they do oh-so well. A band consisting of only a drummer, a saxophone, and a female vocalist might not sound like it would be promising, but this group delivers. They must have major PMAs (positive mental attitudes) to be able to sound well rehearsed , yet still off-the-cuff, energetic and spontaneously tight. Adam's drumming gets more powerful, while Bobby's fierce, spastic sax blasts propel him into a shirtless state by the end of their crisp set. Sasha's intense vocals add such a raw, even primal element to their already powerful racket. As any good group should, Orange Coax just keep getting better.

After Hours with George Quartz did a bang up job opening this all local line-up. George himself called this their "pilot" show, as in debut, and I don't think these gentlemen, and one lady, are getting cancelled anytime soon. Mr. Quartz is definitely cut out to perform. His After Hours concept (late night, etc) was memorable and characteristically charismatic. I look forward to seeing more from George and whomever he keeps working with in the future.

DJ G, as always, was great between bands. (Next time he does a Manchester night, I'm gonna be there, btw).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameo-"Candy" (1987)

Whether its late at night or early in the morning, sometimes, KSOUL does me so right. We've all heard "Word Up" quite a bit, but i like this shallow cut much more (did you know Korn covered that one?). If Cameo went on tour right now i wonder how well they'd do?

Cameo's last album came out in 2000, and since then Outkast recruited the former bass player and keyboardist for touring and recording (see Ms. Jackson).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Young Jeezy's All Star Weekend

Holy shit does this event look insanely awesome. I wish i had the scrilla to attend an event of this caliber. We got Jeezy, Slim Thug, Ludacris, Plies, etc....Shit is gonna be poppin at Club Cirque this weekend starting tonight! I'd love to be a fly on the wall....

Speaking of Young Geezy- I'm still hoping a ticket to see Jay-Z with Jeezy (and Tre Songz)magically appears in my lap before thier February 23rd show at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Wonder if Jay-Z ever pulled this shit again?:

Some footage of Jeezy in Dallas (plus brawling):

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shutter Island trailer

Sometimes i wonder about Scorsese's choice to keep casting Leo over- like Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski. (i admit i never saw the Aviator).

I am really looking foward to this:

Friday, February 5, 2010

"WHO" else is excited about the Super Bowl (Half-time show?)

Half of the Who isn't alive, but i would've had to been born in the 60s to have caught this act with their original line-up. I wonder is Zak Starkey is still filling those shoes? And who the hell plays bass for these guys now? I have no idea. I do think it's cold blooded to be putting these flyers out in Florida when Pete was cleared of all charges after he proved the alleged kiddie porn was research for an autobiography ;(

One of my older brothers went to a pretty legendary Dallas Who concert in the 80s where Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P) opened. At least he got to see them before the Ox went out like a champ getting ready for a tour back in '06.

Some 80s Who isn't that bad.....

Hopefully they'll play this one

Saturday, January 30, 2010

R.I.P Zelda Rubinstein

Sorry so late:

Who cares about Salinger and Zinn, really? I mean, an ex-girlfriend of mine once said that Catcher in the Rye is like one long run-on sentence; and who reads leftist history anyways?

I'm mourning
Zelda Rubinstein, who starred as the clairvoyant in the Speilberg produced (not directed by, as many people falsely believe) Poltergeist. Everyone knows that it was actually directed by Tobe Hooper of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame, right? I think so....

She also played the organist in Sixteen Candles.

I guess she's gone into the light.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Free at last..."

I couldn't find the video clip of this (i should learn to upload content), but i did find the line i wanted from one of my favorite movies of all time- Brian DePalma's Carlito's Way (better than Scarface btw; when is someone on Cribs gonna have a sweet Carlito poster?).

I thought this was an appropriate day to post Carlito quoting another great orator.

This is from the beginning of the film right after Carlito gets out of jail and is walking out of the courthouse.

Happy MLK Day!