Monday, September 28, 2009

Health-"Die Slow" (2009)

This video is pretty. And fun to watch.

From their recently released album Get Color (Lovepump United).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lou Reed & Pavarotti-"Perfect Day" (2001)

Does anyone else think this is nuts? I wish i had this version on my I-touch.

I love reminiscing about how i didn't even realize how cool and ahead of my time i was listening to the Bowie produced Transformer in middle school. Sometimes (and especially in the case of music) it really pays to have older brothers (i still have that CD, thanks Marc!).

"You're going to reap just what you sow" - one of my favorite lines ever.

Danny Boyle was on point in 1996 when he included this in Trainspotting set to a nasty overdose scene. That soundtrack starts at 9 cents on, but i don't think anyone else besides me actually buys CDs anymore. That's cheaper than downloading the best of that soundtrack- "Lust for Life", "Nightclubbing", "Temptation" , "Born Slippy"and this track from itunes, fyi.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bruce Springsteen-"Dream Baby Dream" (2005)

"If Springsteen is the Boss then I quit."

That may be how many people feel and i can understand. This working man's schtick isn't for everyone. Here he is covering what would have to be classified as the closest pop tune New York's Suicide ever got. The Boss ended his Devils and Dust tour sets with this number each night which might have left the crowds a little befuddled. It really is an interesting choice to cover such a no wave electronic classic like this coming from the man who brought us "Glory Days".

This isn't the first time Bruce has displayed his"indie cred". He appeared (and reprised some lyrics from Born to Run) on Lou Reed's "Street Hassle" (1978). Weird, huh? That song garnered mild attention for being on the soundtrack to The Squid and the Whale (and its appropriate placement in the final scene/end credits).

Still need more credentials? Here they are: Brian DePalma worked with him to direct the "Dancing in the Dark" music video. Electrelane did a great cover of "I'm on Fire" a fews years back that i still really enjoy. His album Nebraska(1982) was recorded on a Tascam cassette 4-track. And you can't forget how he showed up for a quick cameo in High Fidelity. yuh!

suck on that Springsteen haters....

here's Suicide's version:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Slaughter (1972)

What can I say about "Slaughter" that isn't said by the word "blaxploitation" across this trailer? Jim Brown acts...capably, in this film as the title character, whose family is killed in a car-bombing. Naturally Slaughter responds by whooping a whole lot of ass and cracking wise while pursuing the target of his rage: The bitterly racist Hoffo, played by a young Rip Torn (who manages to look drunk throughout the entire movie). When the dust settles and the blood clots only one question remains: Is Jim Brown more irresistible to white women than white women are to Jim Brown?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

David Bowie gets a spider named after him

I didn't realize how cool it is to name spiders and beetles after celebrities. Naming one after David Bowie makes sense seeing as he actually had a backing band called the "Spiders from Mars" in the 70s.

Here is the news article about this new spider Heteropoda davidbowie.

Neil Young had the honor as well last year. Read more about his spider here.

After reading that article I learned Roy Orbison has a beetle named after him! Read here.

And in case you haven't totally lost interest in this arachnid related post there was also a spider named after Stephen Colbert last year. geez. Scientists really are dorks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vulgar Fashion, Neon Indian, Kashioboy at Rubber Gloves in Denton 9/9/09

What a fun first show this must have been for Neon Indian. According to another review there were over 200 + young people attending this Wednesday night event. (I use the word 'young' because the bartenders would only let me buy one beer or drink at a time-probably because of all the X's on the audiences' hands). I still can't figure out whether younger audiences are more closed minded than older people or if its the other way around. I guess it just depends...

So Kashioboy was up first with his 8 bit modified Nintendo , Game Boy, plus an array of other various chip-tune production gadgets. My friend chuckled to me that this dude must have rummaged through Treewave's yard sale recently. I agreed. Earlier in the evening, (at said friends house) i heard similar sounding music from his PSP- so i just wasn't too impressed by such an easily accomplished performance. Seems like an effortless gimmick: as if the unconventional use of old gaming systems to make music seems cooler than the music itself. Maybe i would've liked it more if he had just been more into it (maybe he was nervous, off night?). He finished his 30 minute set around 11:30.

Up next were Vulgar Fashion. What an appropriate name. They took a full thirty minutes to set up a smoke machine, reel-to-reel tape player, synthesizer, and a TV among other electronics. Julie's sexed up vocals reminded me of Lydia Lunch on "Stained Sheets" by James Chance. Andrew Michael was busting out lots of noises through his various devices while mixing in pretty yet simple melodies on his synthesizer. He would wash in straight noise into these songs intermittently and that probably tested this audience's patience. I mean, everyone there was probably ready to hear some sugary electro-pop, right? They did a fantastic job for their second show. I can't wait to catch these 2 agitators again.

Speaking of James Chance, what a wonderful idea it was to have Time Bandits spin records in between sets instead of the usual garbage that is played while bands set up. They played the aforementioned James Chance to Fela Kuti, some Can, and even The Pop Group (deep cut!) plus lots of other sweet tunes. Props to them for sure. I am glad they have reopened as well.

Then around 1:15am came the headliners, Neon Indian. They played a short set. I wish i could've heard more of Leanne's guitar in the mix, but i'm sure they'll get that all worked out. It was a fun performance that i think everyone enjoyed. I don't wanna get too involved in this "hype" so you can read more about their show here and here. Buenos noches y buena suerte....

(btw total bummer that Darktown Strutters had to drop off this bill at the last minute)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dead Boys-"Sonic Reducer" (1977)

Man, talk about a punk anthem. I picked up the reissued 180 gram vinyl of Young, Loud and Snotty from Strawberry Fields back at its first location a while back. It was worth every penny.

These dudes are so bad ass. I wish i had gone to see Rocket From the Tombs back in 2003 when they played Dallas (featuring members of Dead Boys, Pere Ubu, and Richard Lloyd from Television). oh well.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alice Cooper-"Dead Babies" (1973)

I can still remember the first time i heard this song and instantly became an Alice fan. I was in my friend's Mitsubishi around '99 or '00. The bassline along with the rest of this Beatles-like arrangement really roped me in. (Back then the album Killer was out-of-print on CD, so i was fortunate to have a chance to listen to this masterpiece). I 'm glad i got to hear this album before ever hearing Million Dollar Babies, because although MDB is good, Killer really is a killer album. John Lydon(PIL) agrees with me so much so he has even declared it the best rock album of all time.

I might have to go ahead and buy some $25 tickets to see Alice Cooper perform at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas on October 12th.

Maybe i can even get backstage and learn about the origins of the state name of Texas....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

OMD-"So in Love" (1985)

Man, I'm 'so in love' with this song. My friend and I didn't even realize this was OMD.(Don't tell anyone!) He was going around with a shitty recording on his phone (from our work PA) and asking people if they knew who it was. I'm like, "Ever heard of Shazaam?" duh. His luddite tactics paid off when our coworker uncovered the mystery for us. OMD. duh.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Depeche Mode at Center 8/29/09

I am an overworked, underpaid college student, who on a whim had the unique opportunity to see Depeche Mode with out doing any planning; only procrastinating. Seeing any great band at a large venue like The SuperPages.Com Center is precisely what you make it, because the experience is not in the performance, it then becomes truly about the music and why you decided to see this band with way too many people in the first place.

First up -and to my surprise- the amazing Peter Bjorn and John: As there were way too many people, not paying attention: my mind drifts to the music and dancing around naked in my apartment over and over again with my now ex-roommate who happens to be sitting right next to me. Nothing more than a spec, and the sound not too great, I enjoyed it - as though I were dancing around my apartment naked with my roommate.

Depeche Mode was all you could expect and more. I had a huge headache, and danced anyway. Growing up with such epics it puts you right back in your aunts living room
dancing to the records around her hollow house. Relating to the music, and more the sound it puts you in this elliptical place. One where you are almost hovering amongst the masses as if completely set apart. You don’t need to consume alcohol or smoke weed to get into a fight in the parking lot. Just listen to some cataclysmic beats.

So after the experience and the remembrances and having glass bottles thrown at our car, a few punches thrown around, and someone excreting waist on your tire; ‘its time to call it a night I have to work in the morning.’

This post was written by special contibutor Shleezy. Thanks. I should've gone to this (with someone who didn't get bottles thrown at them).