Monday, February 22, 2010

Vulgar Fashion, Corporate Park, Orange Coax, After Hours w/ George Quartz+ DJ G at Rubber Gloves 2/20/10

I missed the previous Vulgar Fashion show at DJ G's last weekly 80's night, for which they seem befitting. From Julie's (homemade) shoulder pads to Andrew Michael's tape reel and old mini-tv noise console, they look, sound, and act like new-wavers on LSD (I mean that in a good way). They were even more impressive than the first time i scoped them opening for Neon Indian's premiere show at the same venue.

When his synth melodies would start to sink in, Andrew Michael would hit the crowd with a wall of noise that made you want earplugs if you didn't have any. Julie's vocals have gotten even better since her hollering in Christian! Teenage Runaways. It was impossible not to have fun while watching this lively duo perform (and celebrate Julie's birthday). Their cheerleaders added a nice vivacious touch to the already animated, smoky crowd. It was a shame these headliner's set was cut short--they seemed to only play for about 25 or so minutes before Rubber Gloves closed for the night.

Corporate Park. Upon first hearing this band name- i was, uh, thinking they should have thought a little harder about their title. Good thing i don't judge a band by their name, because these 2 dudes really moved me in a great way. I felt like it could have been Sheffield in '81.

The classic electric duo setup, a la Suicide, can be played out and easy to phone in-but these guys do it really real. Jonah Lange worked analog electronics and a drum pad while Shane English delivered treated vocals sparingly over well programmed beats. This was the first time i had the pleasure of seeing CP and i know I'm not alone in my excitement for subsequent shows. Maybe if Cabaret Voltaire come to town they can open....

Orange Coax did that no-wave thang that they do oh-so well. A band consisting of only a drummer, a saxophone, and a female vocalist might not sound like it would be promising, but this group delivers. They must have major PMAs (positive mental attitudes) to be able to sound well rehearsed , yet still off-the-cuff, energetic and spontaneously tight. Adam's drumming gets more powerful, while Bobby's fierce, spastic sax blasts propel him into a shirtless state by the end of their crisp set. Sasha's intense vocals add such a raw, even primal element to their already powerful racket. As any good group should, Orange Coax just keep getting better.

After Hours with George Quartz did a bang up job opening this all local line-up. George himself called this their "pilot" show, as in debut, and I don't think these gentlemen, and one lady, are getting cancelled anytime soon. Mr. Quartz is definitely cut out to perform. His After Hours concept (late night, etc) was memorable and characteristically charismatic. I look forward to seeing more from George and whomever he keeps working with in the future.

DJ G, as always, was great between bands. (Next time he does a Manchester night, I'm gonna be there, btw).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameo-"Candy" (1987)

Whether its late at night or early in the morning, sometimes, KSOUL does me so right. We've all heard "Word Up" quite a bit, but i like this shallow cut much more (did you know Korn covered that one?). If Cameo went on tour right now i wonder how well they'd do?

Cameo's last album came out in 2000, and since then Outkast recruited the former bass player and keyboardist for touring and recording (see Ms. Jackson).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Young Jeezy's All Star Weekend

Holy shit does this event look insanely awesome. I wish i had the scrilla to attend an event of this caliber. We got Jeezy, Slim Thug, Ludacris, Plies, etc....Shit is gonna be poppin at Club Cirque this weekend starting tonight! I'd love to be a fly on the wall....

Speaking of Young Geezy- I'm still hoping a ticket to see Jay-Z with Jeezy (and Tre Songz)magically appears in my lap before thier February 23rd show at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Wonder if Jay-Z ever pulled this shit again?:

Some footage of Jeezy in Dallas (plus brawling):

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shutter Island trailer

Sometimes i wonder about Scorsese's choice to keep casting Leo over- like Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski. (i admit i never saw the Aviator).

I am really looking foward to this:

Friday, February 5, 2010

"WHO" else is excited about the Super Bowl (Half-time show?)

Half of the Who isn't alive, but i would've had to been born in the 60s to have caught this act with their original line-up. I wonder is Zak Starkey is still filling those shoes? And who the hell plays bass for these guys now? I have no idea. I do think it's cold blooded to be putting these flyers out in Florida when Pete was cleared of all charges after he proved the alleged kiddie porn was research for an autobiography ;(

One of my older brothers went to a pretty legendary Dallas Who concert in the 80s where Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P) opened. At least he got to see them before the Ox went out like a champ getting ready for a tour back in '06.

Some 80s Who isn't that bad.....

Hopefully they'll play this one