Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson

The King of Pop and Freddie from Queen

i found this on the internet titled "two guys just hanging at a party"

wish i knew who to give credit to....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blissed Out at Majestic Dwelling of Doom in Denton 9/21/10

Rewind to a week ago on Monday night:

This remarkable evening started off with Alex from the duo Blissed Out dj'ing Gucci Mane, Tupac n Snoop mashups, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka and the like in between the opening local acts. These cuts were much superior selections than some sound guy would normally opt for (no offense to JC).

By the time headliners Blissed Out (NYC) played (around one something in the morning), i was surprised there wasn't more than the half dozen or so people in there to watch. Everyone else, as happens at many a house party, was outside drinking, socializing, or talking about leaving for Haileys, etc.

I had talked to the two guys from Blissed Out earlier in evening and asked if they wanted to smoke some of this spliff i was holding-to which Sasha and Alex both eagerly replied with an affirmative. So they're setting up and just when they are almost done i bust it out, ask if they are still down, and Alex say's "Let's do it". So Blissed Out got bligged out with superbligged himself and a few others, minutes before playing their inspiring genre blending mix of electronica with choice modern rap samples.

With the smell of tobacco mixed with the strong stench of skunky indica in the room, they started their "witch house" set (i first heard that term from Stoned Ranger in the description for this show, then DJ G posted the above link on FB today, thanks (it list : monday). A few songs in i noticed the sparsely used OJ the Juiceman sample "Aye!", most likely from "Make the Trap say Aye" single that he put out with Gucci Mane. The only reason it's hard to tell is because him saying "aye" is kind of his thing, like Young Geezy saying, "Yeaaaaaaaaah".

They mixed in unintelligible and processed vocals with synth patches over some beats. (Also, in Stoned Ranger's description of this band was early Aphex Twin, which is spot on as an influence). The set closer really blew my mind. It's their "remix" of Alicia Keys from "Empire State of Mind", but this sample wasn't clean and pretty like a GirlTalk mashup. Shit was grimy, nasty, and pitch shifted. Then they threw a break beat behind it and really started grooving things up, then washed it out, then they brought that shit back! It was a great closing to a fantastically original and fun set. I think this band has an edge over similar contemporaries like Fuck Buttons, who i've seen before and now would have to say pale in comparison.

Blissed Out- "Empire State of Mind Edit"- Synchronicity Space- Los Angeles, CA - 6/10/10 from Samantha Cornwell on Vimeo.

this one has a Rihanna sample, yuh:

And on a sad note: R.I.P. the great Majestic Dwelling of Doom. For years this house on 731 Texas Street in Denton has hosted shows from local bands like The Great Tyrant and Undoing of David Wright (in the early days when it was 8th Continent) to LA's Health and Tel Aviv's Monotonix. DOOM you will be missed.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Machete (2010)

I'm sure most anyone interested in seeing Machete by now has already seent it.

My friend digi bees and i went to see this jam a few Sundays ago. Man, i wish everyday was like this Sunday. The action was amazing, the violence and nudity were gratuitous*, and motherfucking Trejo went too hard. The plot was actually well thought out, too.

At the start of the film we got Machete (Trejo), a Mexican federale, who is double crossed by his own commander that is in cahoots with the ridiculously ridiculous drug lord Torres (Stephen Seagal). Torres then kills his wife and threatens his daughter next. Machete is left for dead...Years later as a day laborer in Austin, Texas, he is hired for a job that entangles him into an intricate conspiracy involving the incumbent Senator of Texas (played by Robert Deniro), the Sentator's assistant Boothe and his fine ass daughter (Lindsay Lohan), an immigrations agent (Jessica Alba), Machete's brother, now a priest (Cheech Marin), and a slew of Mexis known as "The Network" (including Michelle Rodriguez) that operate as 'coyotes'. Don Johnson is also in the mix as a border patrol militia man.

Writing about this flick probably would have gone by the wayside, but as i was reading the Dallas Morning News today (coincidentally drinking organic Mexican coffee) i came across an interesting article. (ok, so i frustratingly couldn't find the exact DMN article online, this one is from the AP). The DMN story was title "Doctor's cast doubt on deputy's story" (Saturday September 25, Page 4A) if you wanna find it for yourself, good luck...

Shit is loco. Stay tuned for a super late and superbligged review of last monday's Blissed Out show at Majestic Dwelling of Doom.

*I am really into all kinds of movies, but some say my tastes are limited to horror or really 'fucked up' movies, which i strongly disagree with. In this case, these attributes of this movie just work particularly well. I am also aware that 'seent' isn't a real word.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Augustus Pablo-"Java" (1986)

This isn't bad footage for 1986. I'm very impressed that Augustus could play that melodica so well.

Speaking of the aforementioned instrument, just the other day i was giving props to local (Ft. Worth, respectively) dub legends Sub Oslo (who opened for Sleep in Austin a couple nights ago- bummer i missed it) for being the only band at Melodica Fest back in '08 to actually use a melodica.

Jah, man.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mariah Carey featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard -"Fantasy" (1995)

Did anyone else say "What the motherfucking fuck?" when this song came out in 1995? The "Queen of Pop" (arguably- sorry Whitney) collaborating with Ol' Dirt McGirt is somewhat confounding.

Don't get me wrong, it's one of my many guilty pleasures when it comes to mainstream popular songs from the wonderful decade that was the 90s.

The real draw to this song, besides the mascot of Wu-Tang Clan (may he rest in peace), is obviously the fantastically catchy Tom Tom Club sample from "Genius of Love".

I'm ready for the barrage of hate, so bring it....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bone Thugs N Harmony-"Crossroads" (1995)

Yo, bone, bone, bone, bone ,bone. Who the fuck wants to hit this motherfuckin' Bone show? I probably wouldn't even have to bring my own skunky wunk. I could just ax a dude named Mondo to my left to pass that blunt and then i'll ax J-Rod to my right to pass that other shorty-doo-wop.

Cleveland, Ohio's Bone Thugs N Harmony will be performing their most well known material, E. 1999 Eternal in Dallas at the House of Blues on October 27th. Sounds blazing amazing. I just need to find some bros to roll. Lez do this.

It'll be even more off the chain if they threw this gem in for Biggie-

Damn, this is the best shit to come out of Cleveland since Pere Ubu.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

OMD-"Enola Gay" (1980)

(Just pretend i posted this a month ago)

The song is named after Enola Gay, the USAAF B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped "Little Boy", the first atomic bomb to be used in an act of War, on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. (wikipedia)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cameo-"Attack Me with Your Love" (1985)

This song was jammin' on KSOUL last night. "Bushwhack me with your love" has to be one of the greatest lines containing the most frequently over-used, single word in song ever, "love".

Don't forget Spinderella, formerly of Salt n Pepa, spins old-school and classics on 94.5 Saturday nights. Peace.