Saturday, September 25, 2010

Machete (2010)

I'm sure most anyone interested in seeing Machete by now has already seent it.

My friend digi bees and i went to see this jam a few Sundays ago. Man, i wish everyday was like this Sunday. The action was amazing, the violence and nudity were gratuitous*, and motherfucking Trejo went too hard. The plot was actually well thought out, too.

At the start of the film we got Machete (Trejo), a Mexican federale, who is double crossed by his own commander that is in cahoots with the ridiculously ridiculous drug lord Torres (Stephen Seagal). Torres then kills his wife and threatens his daughter next. Machete is left for dead...Years later as a day laborer in Austin, Texas, he is hired for a job that entangles him into an intricate conspiracy involving the incumbent Senator of Texas (played by Robert Deniro), the Sentator's assistant Boothe and his fine ass daughter (Lindsay Lohan), an immigrations agent (Jessica Alba), Machete's brother, now a priest (Cheech Marin), and a slew of Mexis known as "The Network" (including Michelle Rodriguez) that operate as 'coyotes'. Don Johnson is also in the mix as a border patrol militia man.

Writing about this flick probably would have gone by the wayside, but as i was reading the Dallas Morning News today (coincidentally drinking organic Mexican coffee) i came across an interesting article. (ok, so i frustratingly couldn't find the exact DMN article online, this one is from the AP). The DMN story was title "Doctor's cast doubt on deputy's story" (Saturday September 25, Page 4A) if you wanna find it for yourself, good luck...

Shit is loco. Stay tuned for a super late and superbligged review of last monday's Blissed Out show at Majestic Dwelling of Doom.

*I am really into all kinds of movies, but some say my tastes are limited to horror or really 'fucked up' movies, which i strongly disagree with. In this case, these attributes of this movie just work particularly well. I am also aware that 'seent' isn't a real word.

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