Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dallas Symphony Orchestra plays Psycho 10/29/10 at the Meyerson

From the DSO website:
Thrill to Alfred Hitchcock's full length feature film Psycho on the big screen, accompanied live by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Bernard Herrmann's classic score changed the character of film music; its screeching strings infuse scenes with electricity that still shocks today.

The strings to this score are probably the most imitated by human mouths than any other, except for maybe Jaws or some other John Williams pieces. After the performance we even heard people on the way down the stairs mimicking, "rhee... rhee... rhee... rhee...". Poor Janet Leigh.

This was truly a treat. Watching the DSO perform this brooding music live to such an outstanding classic film was spell-binding.

Bernard Herrmann composed six film scores with Hitchcock before they had a falling out over Torn Curtain(1966). He worked with Hitchcock fan (or knockoff) Brian DePalma in both the films Obsession(1974) and Sisters (1973), preceded by Francois Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 (1966) and Orson Welles's Citizen Cane(1941). There's also Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver(1976) to consider and too many more to list.....

Here's one piece that's now engrained into popular culture as well:

The first time i remember hearing about someone's admiration for this composer's work was from my friend and knowledgeable music fan, Jeff W, a couple years ago. I wonder if he has any of this on wax?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Au Pairs-"It's Obvious" (1980)

I'm sure my friend Layla has already posted this song and twenty more post-punk classics that i haven't gotten around to, but here it is anywayz.

I originally ordered this Au Pairs anthology from Amazon over a year ago. was unable to fulfill my order and quickly refunded me. A combination of laziness, apathy and bliggedness kept me from reordering until a couple pay periods ago, when i decided i should order something NOT from Italians Do It Better. This track is a stand out.....

It's funny-I used to not really like female vocals. What was wrong with me?

Any why in the hell are they on