Sunday, October 3, 2010

Au Pairs-"It's Obvious" (1980)

I'm sure my friend Layla has already posted this song and twenty more post-punk classics that i haven't gotten around to, but here it is anywayz.

I originally ordered this Au Pairs anthology from Amazon over a year ago. was unable to fulfill my order and quickly refunded me. A combination of laziness, apathy and bliggedness kept me from reordering until a couple pay periods ago, when i decided i should order something NOT from Italians Do It Better. This track is a stand out.....

It's funny-I used to not really like female vocals. What was wrong with me?

Any why in the hell are they on


  1. lsyla is on point with the post punk

  2. vh1? that's so weird. when i was younger i kind of hated female vocals too. what the fuck were we thinking?!