Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coathangers-"Parcheezi" (2007)

Hold up....rewind. Its been about two weeks since a few of us went to the Cavern to hear one of my bros DJ upstairs (it was billed as electro/indie/dubsteb, but i believe the night was rather HEAVY in dubstep, btw).

One of my friends had already been planning on going to this Coathangers show that was downstairs at the same venue. Around 12:30 am or later, we headed down there to catch some of these Atlanta girls' raucous set. They were definitely having a good time blasting out rudimental rhythms and quirky analogue synth tones- one after another.

I could have done without the cupcakes getting thrown around the place. I took a direct hit ("One shot kid....that's ONE shot) to the chest that could have been a major pink buzzkill, but it washed out.

The evening would have been just as convivial only listening to my friend Adrian and his Ft. Worth homeboy Dragonman DJ upstairs, but i sure was glad we went down (gratis, shhhh) to catch the second half of these girls' boisterous set.

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