Friday, April 16, 2010

Warpaint at the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth 4/10/10

Mixing visual art and music makes perfect sense-like pairing a nice, crisp white wine with some golden brown fried chicken. Or barbecue and beer like we had. We ate at Angelo's Barbecue in Ft. Worth before the show, and it was collectively agreed that this was probably the best bbq we ever had. The cheap 18 ounce scooners only helped solidify the great impression this place left on us. I had an amazing hot-link sand-o and everyone else got the beef brisket. Shit was delicious and definitely the highlight of the evening for me!

The $15 admission granted access to the whole museum, which included the exhibit Andy Warhol: The Last Decade. I felt like i could have seen most of these pieces at the Warhol Museum if i had actually made it out of my friend's place last year when i visited Pittsburgh. Its like i was stuck in a k-hole.

The temperature outside the Modern was mild and had just the right amount of breeze coming off the man-made pond that comes up to the museum's walls.
We knocked back some beers and got there just in time to watch the headliners, Warpaint. Their set started off slow and melodic and ended 45 or so minutes later the same way. I just kept waiting for shit to kick in. It never really did. I went to see these girls at the recommendation of some friends of mine that had gone to see Akron/Family with Warpaint opening. Warpaint had left them with positive things to say. I'm not sure i agree, even though their British drummer had great chops and their bassist locked in perfectly. There was some delay used on the drums to give them a little bit of that dub feel. Both guitarists were well prepared, had harmonious voices, and played well, but I was still left disenchanted by this performance. Oh well.....

We left for the Chat Room just before they finished their last song. Thanks to Rick at 1919 Hemphill who gave us 2 wristbands to use since they left after the Paper Rad dude played first. He had fun giving us a hard time for bliggin' out in the parking lot, and he played me like a fake ass straight-edger, who will take a shot by anyone who's excited about getting him one (since i thought he had the edge). Way to go, (p)Rick! I know i was feeling that shot of tequila on my ride home (and God knows someone else in the front seat was feeling the effects as he slept sitting up babyvine). I really like these Modern 'til Midnight events. This was the 2nd time i've been to one, and (first time, see here) all in all, another fun night.


  1. A semi-regular treat when I was a kid growing up in FW was Angelo's. Next time try a chopped beef sandwich...hands down the best I've ever had.

  2. yeah lay, i thought about rewriting this post altogether and talking about how the food at angelo's was way better than warpaint-but i'm already such an unproductive blogger i'll just leave this one phoned-in and half-assed. sorry. i did taste a little bit of the beef and it was delicious-im just more of a hot link/sausage kinda guy.