Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Estate-"Fake Blues"(2009)

Fuck. SXSW was already almost a month ago. This was the first band i got to see Friday night, March 19th after driving to Austin by myself. Thank goodness for a huge iced coffee, Suicide's Half Alive, New Order's Low-Life to get me there safely.

I got to Klub Krucial just in time to catch these guys setting up and i would get to watch the whole set. It was pretty, pretty good.

I had missed these guys last November (where this song was filmed) in Dallas at the City Tavern. I've still never been there.

Real Estate preceded a band called Memory Tapes that almost bored me to death until they kicked out the jams (with increased decibels driving that four on the floor beat) during their last song.

After that show, i walked to Red 7 to see No Age followed by the Thurston Moore led punk supergroup Demolished Thoughts (not to be mistaken for a band name accidentally made up by my friend called Damaged Thoughts-try Googling that one). My friend Danny lost his glasses in the pit during these guys' set of old, hardcore covers. I loved that Dan said,"Oh. It was totally worth it. Losing my glasses to that!". What a sport. In between those two acts that had played outside, i was surprised at the tiny audience inside watching Viv Albertine of the infamous and influential Slits. Oh well, i guess there's a lot going on during SXSW.

We saw Bill "Ghostbustin'-ass" Murray outside after this show and from then the night continued to get a little crazy. I won't go into all the nitty grittys about our new French friend Marion bumming cigs off strangers and making Andy feel uncomfortable; possible clandestine, illicit drug purchases; or how we didn't get to sleep until after eating breakfast at 630 am, then dropping Babyvine off at the airport (that chicken fried steak hit the spot). Oh yeah, and it fucking poured on us when we finally got home to go to bed. I mean poured.

What a fun evening.


  1. don't forget about dad sleeping in the guest bedroom.

  2. word, man. too much shit to even think about going into......"maybe jaith will hit it with both of them?"

    yeah right, son!