Monday, April 19, 2010

Mtume-"Juicy Fruit" (1983)

Another KSOUL jam that i heard on the LATE night creep a while back. I had no idea (although i should've assumed) that Biggie's hit "Juicy" just straight used this track for him to flow over.

The band leader for Mtume got his street cred in the 70s by playing and recording with Miles Davis as a percussionist and conga player.

My quest for this 12" has begun......

in case you forgot how dope Biggie's is:

It really is such a drag that if you wanna listen to Notorious B.I.G., you're forced to listen to Puff Daddy whisper bullshit all over these classic hip-hop jamz. Suge Knight did what needed to be done in '95 at the Source awards, when he called Puffy out for being "all in the videos....all in the record, dancing..." and all the stupid shit he still does.

btw today is Suge Knight's birthday. Happy birthday Suge.....


  1. damn, you're just now getting around to complaining about puffy? what year is this?

  2. look, son. My point was that this was that killa late night jam on KSOUL and i never realized puffy ripped it like he did every other goddamn song he produced. anywayz......ease up. And its also pertinent since today happens to be his birthday