Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vivian Girls- "Perfect Day" (2010)

Sorry these last posts have been in reverse chronological order, Memento- style (shit, or Irreversable-style if you're into that, oh wait-no one is into that).

Most rational people save their time/money/energy on nights leading up to SXSW, but our friend was in town from Pittsburgh so i think we all wanted to maximize our time hanging out late even if we'd regret it the next week when we're recovering . If Fig is in town, all common sense goes out the window along with a shitload of roaches, hand-rolled cigarette butts and maybe some throw-up.

I arrived at the Lounge on Elm just in time to watch the last few songs of the handsomely young looking Abe Vigoda (LA, California). Not bad.

I had regretted missing what i was told was an amazing house show by the Vivian Girls at the Exploding House in Ft. Worth a while back. (I had also heard one of my friends "hollered" at the bassist by drunkenly reciting some 'lil Wayne lyrics from Mrs. Officer, ha! so that bummed me our more).

My friends arrived just before the Vivian Girls started their boozed-up set. As if we couldn't tell by their between song banter how wasted these ladies were, they kept telling the audience through apologies about their condition.

They ended the set by inviting their tour mates, Male Bonding, who looked worse off then the them, on stage to perform this last tune written by Lou Reed. At the end of song, one of the guys fell hard into the drums and the drummer, Ali. What a sight it was.

These girls said they had just learned to play this cover and it looks like they recorded it less than a month later. I like how Stereogum called out Male Bonding for "kind of hurting" this recorded version at the beginning. I agree. Vivian Girls- i don't think they're helping you all out on this one. (And Ali, you're welcome for that coke back).

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  1. You know, the Vivian Girls didn't do much for me when I saw them at Hailey's. For real, you NEED to check out Grass Widow, if you haven't already heard them. Do it now!