Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fight Bite, Dan Deacon, Teeth Mountain at the Modern 4/18/09

It was a miracle that we arrived on time since openers Fight Bite went on at 8pm sharp and the show was in Fort Worth.  I was really excited to see FB perform at the prestigious Modern Museum of Art.  The setting outside was picture perfect.  Their dreamy songs went well with the breathtaking clouds naturally displayed behind them.  I forget if they played five or six songs but they were all superb.  Jeff addressed his usual unnecessary yet charming, "Sorry" to the audience.  What for?  God only knows.

Teeth Mountain can't avoid being described as tribal.  I wasn't really captivated by their large sounding rhythms.  I should've just left the show and watched the Mavs win their 2nd playoff game against the Spurs like my friends did.  That would've been more entertaining.  My friends (that ditched me there) also ate quesadillas while i had almost no other option than to buy a smoked turkey sandwich for $8.  It was just ok.  The beef and cheese taco i (and many others) would go on to eat afterwards at the Chat Room was probably better.  (I wouldn't recommend the hot link, though).

It was really great that all the exhibits are open until midnight.  I was able to see a bunch of stuff, including local Rossin Crow's FOCUS exhibition, while missing more of the show.

As stated above, I failed to watch any of Future Islands set but was back upstairs and outside for Dan Deacon's frenetic set.  I had never heard Dan Deacon before but have been hearing his name dropped for over two years.  I believe some or all the members of Teeth Mountain and Future Islands comprised his ensemble.  I guess he used to roll solo.  Some people figure more is better, quantity over quality, the more the merrier, etc but not in this case.  He seemed to have a lot of fun playing in/interacting with the crowd.  Although it depends on the performer, i'm generally not into taking commands from an act i'm watching.  This audience was doing his bidding all over that yard:  lining up, racing each other, flailing their arms up, backing away, moving foward.  Anything Dan said was done by most.  Maybe he's the antichrist and not Obama like some crazed conservatives say.  Did i mention they were selling beer at this show?  That was a plus.  

I mainly went to this show to see one of my favorite local bands at a less commonplace venue and i believe we all had a great time.  The Modern 'til Midnight gets an A+ in my book. 

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