Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fight Bite, Drug Mountain, Dana Falconberry, Dust Congress at 503 w. sycamore 3/31/09

Openers Drug Mountain sounded heavy tonally and rythmically.  The double sax attack sounded amazing.  Brian's vocals were excruciating. In a good way.  The hard as nails rhythm section was splendiferous.  

At the end of the first song into Fight Bite's set, i got distracted by the 'Indy Basketball Champ' trophy on the wall.  FB sounded dreamy yet raw, atmospheric and very down tempo.  Leanne's reverb soaked vocals sounded solid as did the overall performance.  A prime example of how smart Asians are:  Jeff was able to proficiently play a keyboard with one hand while playing a beat on an electronic drum pad with his other.  His catchy melodies and fast fingers on such a tiny little Casio are inspiring.  

Dana Falconberry's voice was superb.  She has great classical guitar chops. When the upright bass player used the bow the bass sounded splendidly full.  The back-up singers voices were sterling (of course, they're back-singers).  Loud conversation overheard from outside (due to the lack of electronic amplification during this particular set) was entertaining.  I guess certain people wanted to continue aurally assaulting us even after their set.

Nick from Dust Congress's voice sounded great even though he was complaining about it during the set.  The quadruple mallets by his marimba player were equally as impressive as Nick's style of multitasking the drums, guitar, and vocals.  And he's not even Asian. 

This was a convivial show with a diverse line-up at a great location.  The sideyard scene was off the chain as well.

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