Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Masshysteri at bunker hill 3/29/09

Masshysteri is a swedish punk band comprised of members from other bands including The Vicious and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.  Very energetic house show in Denton on a Sunday.  Punk almost always sounds better in a foreign language (save for French).  It was charming how their myspace listed the location as 'Bunkerville' instead of Bunker Hill.  It's probably hard for Swedes to understand Texans.  Although i'm sure they heard the girl in the back yelling, "Sweden" and then some other Scandinavian countries. Way to communicate, lady. sheesh.  

They started around 11:45pm and played about a dozen of their melodic pop-punk tunes.  The drummer was tough and the two ladies in the band were mesmerizing one of my friends.  The dual male/female vocals were low in the mix (which is normal, shitty sound at house shows) but were raised up a little bit into the set. They played a short set leaving the ample crowd wanting more.  That's always the best.

In my ridiculous quest to catch that Herzog doc at Dan's, local openers Wiccans and Big Blow went unseen by these eyes.  I heard both were awesome.  At least the first ten minutes of that Herzog doc and those 2 local acts will be able to be seen again.

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