Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tommyboy at fallout ( disqo disqo 1 year anniv.)

Usual stuff going on at Fallout. Dance music. Pabst Blue Ribbon. 'a lot of new girls' as one of the sleaziest of my friends said.
I really like Tommyboys mixes and this was the 2nd time i've seen him live. Tommyboy lit the place up for me and showed how dissimilar his style is when he played Means to an End (Joy Division) immediately followed by To Hell w/ Poverty (Gang of Four). I'll try to put it out of my memory that i heard Soul II Soul's single Back to Life near the end of the night. This was quite bemusing to me. A shitload of people that i thought were leaving were actually getting onto the dancefloor to boogie down to this detestable 90's hit(technically 1989, whoops). muthafucka, what the fuck?
man i wish there were more DJs or dance nights that played shit like this. Oh well, i guess that's why you should see TB when you get the chance.

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