Monday, March 9, 2009

Casino (1995)

There could be more use of the words 'muddafucka' and 'jag-off' in this movie, but from the first car explosion to the ultraviolent, bloody beat-down of two brothers at the end, this maelstrom deserves its title as a classic. It had been too long since i had last watched this sweet gangster flick. Feels nice to do something productive on my day off like watch a 3 hour movie on VHS.
The soundtrack blew my mind as well: Rolling Stones(typical), Devo, Nilsson, Roxy Music, Otis Redding. damn.

Definitely Scorsese in Top Form. Good job, Marti.

Casino Pictures, Images and Photos"[sobbing]Dominick,...oh Dominick. He's still breathing....leave 'em alone."

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  1. i love casino. the cast is perfect especially james woods and the guy who plays the sleazy cowboy sheriff.