Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ninjasonik, The Death Set + more at The Lounge

It would have been a good presumption that the highlight of this show was Ninjasonik. And yes, they were.  This was a line-up of 5 bands (one a solo act) on a tour called Newmore Switchy Blades. 

This event was sparsely attended (SXSW, anyone?) so it was one of those shows were it seemed like band members outnumbered the general audience.  If i had to generalize all these bands' sets i would tell you that they would all be fucked without their Ipods(backing tracks).  

The openers, Team Robospierre and Cerebral Ballzy, both played short, forgettable sets.  "Oh dudes, we're so wasted".  Never heard that one before, bros.  

The climax of the show, Ninjasonik, had the middle time slot.  DJ Teenwolf wasn't wearing that funny mask he's sporting in all their videos, but his beard covered most of his face so it was kinda like he was wearing it.  Telli and Rev. McFly/Jah Jah were extremely charismatic while they interacted with the (small) crowd.  Performing their comical, bawdy set, including "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant","Tight Pants (rap remix), "Art School Girls",  this crew were a blast to take in live.  It wasn't too fluky that their friends Japanther performed (+ cowrote?) the song "Negative Thinking" earlier this week in Ft. Worth.  Both witty versions were pleasing and hopefully true.  They even sampled some Bad Brains and made a fast, riotous remix.  They seemed genuine and unpretentious. 

The show should've ended there.  It didn't.

Totally Michael played afterwards and he totally sucked.  That's probably the 1500th time someone's made that joke but 'tis true.  I saw his shirts said "Get Hype".  Hopefully this dude will just 'get high' and quit playing this contrived high energy karoake bullshit.  Why did he even plug in a guitar?  Oh yeah, it looks cool.  He also probably played the LONGEST set out of the whole night with ridiculously long between-song banter.  

The Death Set do have very talented drummer.  He too was playing to a backing track (filling in lots of other non-live sounds).  The set actually got better a few songs in when the PA and lights went out.  The band was forced to play almost the rest of their set sans Ipod and vocals.  They wasted no time in going into the sing-alongs  "Bombshell"(Operation Ivy) and "Territorial Pissing"(Nirvana).  The soundman fixed the lights and the PA for a few more uninspiring songs.  The Death Set is indubitably not a fitting name and truly misleading.  I had never before heard thier music but i sat threw Totally Shitty Michael to check them out.  oh well....


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    Here's a download right up your alley. It's Mike Simonetti's (Troubleman Unlmtd/Italians DIB) mix that was posted on Gorilla VS Bear. African disco mixed with Jamaican and Caribbean music:

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