Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kool Keith live at the loft 3/6/09

Good thing we showed up around 11 since Kool Kieth didn't go on til after midnight. Sober was dragging his DJ set out for probably longer than even he wanted.  however this gave me some time to chit chat and make a sweet Demolition Man joke to the people i was with that no one got. I thought everyone remembered that sweet '93 sly stallone jam. pepsi. rat burgers. wesley snipes and his sweet dennis rodman do. oh well. back to the show...
     It was nice to see he had kut master kurt DJing. Kurt opened the set with a cheesy 'funky redneck" intro from his solo album "masters of illusion". Then Keith's boy Delt(?) ran on the stage to hype everyone up.  Good thing keith is only rolling with one of these dudes.  
   Keith hit the stage with sunglasses, a sick smoking jacket and a sequined scarf wrapped around his hat. Shit looked tight! After a few old singles from Ultramagnetic MC's he finally proceeded to perform Blue Flowers then Girl Let Me Touch You There off Dr. Octagon. This was the highlight of the set. He played a few more jams with his yes man then went on to perform a few tracks from Dr. DOOOM; Apt. 223 and You Live at Home with Your Moms. He played a few more off of Black Elvis/Lost in Space such as Livin Astro and Clifton mixed in with various other typical keith shit including a medley of many hit choruses. (I would've rather heard the song No Chorus off of Mathew).  It was amazing when he invited the ladies on stage to dance to Sex Styles. That was entertaining. I love to see girls get freaky to song with the lines "they dogs drink my piss" in it.  He brilliantly ended the set with an awesome version of 'I don't believe you' adding verses such as,"you say you pregnant". hilarious.  Keith played for almost an hour and it was a pretty solid show overall. Glad i got the hookup on that ticket, too.
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