Friday, March 20, 2009

Wassup Rockers(2005) + Mi Vida Loca[My Crazy Life](1994)

Latino Double Feature

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Wassup, Larry Clark?  I probably loved this movie so much because KIDS was my favorite jam back in middle school.  Wassup Rockers is like a West Coast reprise of KIDS set in LA with Latinos(all using their real names) and a more lighthearted tone(no AIDS and/or date-rape).   While a little absurd at times(Clint Eastwood-like figure committing a 187; Janice Dickinson accidentally electrocuted), this day-in-the-life narrative of young, teen skaters is charming.

Mi Vida Loca was loaned to me after i told my brother's (Mexican)girlfriend how much i loved American Me(1992, Edward James Olmos).  "Fuck it, homes...".  

I'm glad she did.  This story of two chicas going to blows over pinche drug dealin' Ernesto is a true Latina chick flick.  Mousie gets loco after her homegirl gets preggers with her man.  What a pendejo.  He gets what's coming to him in an unrelated shooting while dealing drugs during the showdown between his two ladies.  More drug deals, humongous bangs, prison releases, and lowriders keep the story speeding along after this initial tragedy. 

 Salma Hayek and Danny Trejo even have small parts in the film, adding some nice Latin flava'.  Alison Anders had previously directed a movie that featured J. Mascis (Gas, Food Lodging[1992]) and would go on to direct some "Sex in the City" espisodes.  

MI VIDA LOCA Pictures, Images and Photos

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  1. oh man. i loved mi vida loca when i saw it in the theater back in the day.