Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VEGA at fallout lounge 4/14/09

It sounds like it was a disappointing evening if you wanted to see Crystal Castles last night in Dallas (read separate excuses from the band and the Granada here).  I saw CC a little over a year ago with HEALTH at Hailey's and they were ok.  The most interesting thing about them to watch was the live drummer.  

While others may have been discontent with the Canadian headliners canceling, i was glad for the chance to see VEGA for free at Fallout Lounge (after he was kicked off the Granada bill).  This place was packed.  I don't believe it was the 'regular' crowd there, either.  Seemed like a lot of different types of crews at this show that were probably bleed over from the canceled show.  Vega went on around 12:15am and excitedly played their Italian disco pop songs well.  Alan started the set with an endearing "Fuck Crystal Castles!" then went on to play the first song of about four.  Having a live drummer definitely adds something to this group that may have been lacking from Ghosthustler.  The live electric bass lines added warmth and complimented those analogue synths.  Alan's voice sounded great when there wasn't feedback attacking my eardrums thanks to some sound issues.    

Overall the music sounded great, it took too long to get a drink, and the bar was crowded as fuck.  Still fun music and times, though.

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  1. .....weak review . stick to what you know , watching shitty movies and getting super bligged.