Friday, September 14, 2012

Twin Shadow-"Forget"(2010)

I procrastinated on purchasing tickets to the upcoming Twin Shadow show at Webster Hal in New Yorkl. It sold out quickly (maybe 1 day?). I'm so upset that I am denouncing my love for Twin Shadow. I played his first record at every one of my DJ gigs, listened to his debut album countless times, and even considered naming my first-born George (j/k about the last one). I am going to just forget about Twin Shadow for now. My best friend texted me this morning that last night's TS show in Dallas was the show of the year (probably only because he was in NY when Glass Candy/Chromatics played Granada). But seriously, I don't doubt that Twin Shadow put on a great show. The closest I'll come to seeing him "live" is this 4AD session.

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