Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bleach Boys, Koji Kondo(Reunion) at 715 Panhandle in Denton 5/16/09

I think this would have been a really fun final show at Panhandle if it weren't for a few unfortunate mishaps such as:  Daniel from Teenage Cool Kids getting arrested!, the Denton police shutting the show down, the location that it got moved to had a fucking gas leak.  Other than those things- watching the Bleach Boys, which would be the last band to perform at the beloved 715 Panhandle, and then relocating to 818 Hickory to see the reunion of art-noise nutjobs Koji Kondo play was a blast.

I had never heard the Bleach Boys before and i was very impressed with their surf-punk chops.  It shouldn't have been a big surprise to see the multitalented Orville (Bad Sports, Chief Deathrage) playing the drums.  This dude can play everything! and really well.  

The show moved after this and Uptown Bums played first at 818 Hickory.  I stayed outside during this set and made fun of my friends.  Then went to get more beer and missed the beginning of Koji Kondo's insane set.  No microphone, but lots of audience participation on singing along to these songs while enjoying harmful, noxious gas.  Who would've guessed so many people knew the words?  Tyler dancing with the crowd was intense (so intense i think a lot of squares went outside during this set- pussies).  This shit was LOUD.  Definitely a good way to finish a house show that got kinda fucked.  Good job Koji.  As lame as reunion shows generally are, i really hope i get to see the guys again.  I mean i've seen them a bunch, but they could never, ever get stale or boring.  

I also hope Daniel of TCK wasn't caused too much consternation from the arrest.  yikes.  Good luck.

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