Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zzz... at Brookhaven Commons Courtyard in Dallas 5/7/09

I love (good)free shows at college campuses.  They just make sense, ya know?  

This was an excellent chance to see a talented local act play two short sets in between some poetry readings.  It's a shame it was outside on an oppresively humid day and more people weren't there to listen.  

Zzz... first caught my attention with their terrible band name sometime last year.  They made up for it the instant i heard thier unique, jangly, alt-country influenced rock.  I was lucky enough to see their debut performance back in December at the Chat Room and it was even better than i expected.  

This show at Brookhaven definitely sounded great(even without the second, flaky guitarist, Aaron)but, i got to hear a few more songs this time (i did miss the first 2 while grabbin' a Subway sandwich; guess that's what i get for having shitty taste in food).  They've added a female vocalist/tamborine player to the line-up.  Cool.  Geoffrey Spurgin's vocals along with his skilled guitar playing has always been one of my favorite local songwriters.  I love his ability to write such diverse songs; some slow, some fast, some kinda weird.  Bassist Rob Mosley swapped with Geoffrey to riff it up on guitar for a song and added even more contrast to this fun set.  

I'm sure i'll get another chance to catch this promising group again, soon.  Hopefully at a better venue, with a better crowd, and if possible with better food.  The music couldn't get better no matter what, though.


  1. I'll tell him you said such nice things.


  2. Great review. I especially enjoyed the flaky guitarist remarks. Very amusing. And hurtful.