Monday, July 13, 2009

J-Live at the Lounge in Dallas 7/11/09

I didn't think i would be able to attend this show, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was able to catch this Brooklyn MC at the Lounge. This shit was H-O-T. Literally. Hot as a motherfucker (although maybe i shouldn't have been wearing a polyester shirt).

J-Live didn't hit the stage until close to 1:ooam. He opened with the "Peace, ya'll" chorus off of "First Things First" from the killer album All of The Above (2002). What a fitting album title for a former 8th grade teacher. After a few older cuts, he played some tracks fom the the previously mentioned album (and, sorry, the only album i'm familiar with) including "Mcee" and "One for the Griot". He asked for female audience participation on "Like this Anna" and kept things pretty fresh. Later into the set, he let his DJ take a break so J could show off how he can DJ (including scratching, cutting) while rapping. You don't see many multitalented MCs like this often. The theme of this evening's show was "Save Hip Hop" and J is definitely doing his part to do just that.

Local opening act Headkrack sounded great as well as Homeboy Sandman, even though i think his set was a little long. (Maybe i was just hot and cranky and ready to see the headliner, ya know?)
here he is multi-tasking:

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