Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jamie Foxx

If i was a baller (shit, i sound like Skee-lo), I definitely wouldn't flinch at the $49.95-79.95 (+ service fees) ticket price to see Jamie Foxx at Nokia on September 25th. The "Blame It Tour" boasts comedy performances and singing. (i wonder how serious he takes his music career. He seems to still be doing comedy even when he's singing: check the "Slow Jamz" video or listen to the lyrics in "Blame it"). I'm curious what this show will be like?

Here's a few JF career highlights and reasons i'd like to see this Terrell, Texas native perform:

early career. Wanda was funny as hell, too
with Oliver Stone and Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday
And you can't forget his breakout performance singing the chorus with Kanye and his latest single that cracks me up every time

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