Friday, July 3, 2009

Peter Hook DJ set at the Lizard Lounge in Dallas 7/2/09

I could go on and on about how New Order and Joy Division are so important to this genre of music yadda, yadda, etc. but i won't beacause this was just a DJ set. I will say that i think "Temptation" is my favorite song of all time. Hooky was really into this set and i think it's a shame there weren't more people to bear witness to this living legend DJ. (I thought the same thing a few years back when i saw him spin at Haileys). Maybe the Church (as the Lizard Lounge is known as on Thursdays and Sundays) crowd dug it. (I know i definitely had more fun people watching at this than any other recent events.)

He started the set off around 12:30am with a slow dance jam and then mixed in a cover of "She's Lost Control" with the original. Something he would go on to do more in the evening with his own material (i.e."Love will tear us apart"). Mixed into his 2 1/2 hour set were New Order songs such as "Confusion", "Bizarre Love Triangle" (of course), "Crystal" and more. Some of the Joy Division songs he spun were "Transmission", "Disorder" and a bastardized version of "Atmosphere".

Incidentally he did play a few inexcusable tracks such as Bodyrockers' "I like the way you move" (that will always make me feel like i'm in coke commercial). And maybe the back to back Killers songs he played were his way of giving back to a band that took their name from the "Crystal" video? Maybe? The "How soon is now" remix he played was funny. I would've rather heard Electronic, though. Or Monaco. He surprised me with his selection of one the 90s most popular dance songs "Born Slippy" by Underworld. He closed it out with (what i'm told was) a weak cover of "Temptation" while i was on the patio. (I gotta quit smoking.)

I think that this set fulfilled my expectations. I wanted a chance to see a member of one of my favorite bands and most of what he played was in good taste. The cover was not too pricey ($10) and the Church crowd was more than tolerable (probably more fun than a bunch of hipsters, although don't expect to see me there again anytime soon! Twice in two months will suffice for some time). Good job, Hooky.

check this ridiculous version of Temptation:


  1. Question: Do the ridiculously queer short shorts cancel out the sheer fucking greatness of the music?

  2. answer: hell no. i think the shorts make the music even greater!!!

  3. I appreciate your writing style and am happy you called him hooky.

  4. I'm with you on "Temptation". I regret not going to this.