Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Telepathe, Lemonade, and Fight Bite at Haileys in Denton 6/20/09

Better late than never?-here we go:

Fight Bite's set was one of the most pristine, crystal clear sounding sets i've heard from them for some time- thanks in part to soundguy extraordinaire Justin Collins. This was a definitely a great show to catch the sleepy-core duo. Jeff was wearing his trademark Nico t-shirt (much better than anything polyester) and Leanne told a funny, lewd joke while keeping her demure stage presence. I've said enough about these guys in past blogs so i'll move forward.

Next up were San Francisco's Lemonade. I got so into this shit that during their tropical, dance-psych set i even started talking with a Caribbean accent. I was surprised (like Stonedranger) that so many people i knew were not feeling these guys. I mean, i think their name is shit, but that's about all i have to hate on them for. Maybe i'm just a sucker for talented drummers and live groove basslines that lock me in and make me wanna shake my boney ass. I didn't even mind that the singer was using a shit-ton of reverb/delay and processing his vocals which is all the (re-hashed) rage right now. I bought their seven inch and was not disappointed at all. I wish i had picked up the full length.

Shit, by the time Brooklyn's Telepathe hit the stage i was a little too superbligged out. But they put on a good, synthed-out show that was fun to watch. Maybe someone else can fill in some of the blanks for me on these girls' show. oh well.

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  1. damn i wanted to check that show out but i got too superbligged on rioja to drive to denton.