Saturday, June 27, 2009

Peaches at the Granada in Dallas 6/12/09

I first heard "Fuck the pain away" in Austin's Room 710 at an Early Lines show around '03. The soundguy had this song on repeat and it left quite an impression on me. I felt pretty lame having been a fan of Peaches for so long and never seeing one of her live shows. She was booked to play Ridglea Theater a few years ago but the show was cancelled the day of due to incliment weather.

This show started promptly at 10:15pm. I thought this was pretty square, but she did need time for her show that would last almost an hour and a half. Upon entering, my friend immediately noticed the "Peachy-mania" crowd screaming and yelling at her every suggestive move. I've never seen anyone else climb up the rigging on side of the stage at the Granada, to which the crowd went wild. Then again Peaches' audience would've gone wild even if she queefed into the mic. She is nast-eeey, dawg!

It was fun to see her ask for audience participation with "Shake yer dix", and she definitely recieved some. She excitedly interacted with the crowd earlier in the evening as well when she came out into the middle of the audience to sing one of her numbers. There were a few outfit changes that added to the pleasing aeshtetic of her performance. (Sidenote: I heard S-4 was pretty empty on this friday evening-i guess that crowd was more down to see Peaches' camel-toe than the same 'ol lot of queens at the drag show).

Her performance of "Kick it" was weaker than the weak original (some scrub guitar player fillin' in for Iggy) but other than that this show was pretty fun and entertaining-just what anyone should expect from Peaches. Glad i was finally able to see this electro-clash queen even if she is over the hill now.

here she is climbing high:

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