Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daniel Francis Doyle at 1919 Hemphill in Ft. Worth 6/27/09

Some nights its just one thing after another. There was a ridiculous detour that tacked on an extra 30 minutes to the already arduous quest to Ft. Worth. Luckily Spiral Diner was on point with their friendly service and delectable food. So with a stomach full of veggies we hit up the show at the sweltering 1919 Hemphill.

I think on this particular evening the temperature upstairs where we watched Danny perform was around 110* F. Fuck. At some points of his set i was hallucinating from the heat but he still sounded good as usual (i think).

Danny's sets are very dynamic and never dull. When i first heard he was gonna do a solo project with guitar loops while singing and playing drums i thought for sure he was going in the wrong direction (like James Murphy to Capt. Beefheart, i was all "you'll never make it that way"). His capable song writing skills are not done a disservice from this approach. He played a short, hearty set as he usually does with heavy breathing into the mic in between songs.

This was his last show on an 18 day west-coast tour that sounded like it was a blast. Daniel Francis Doyle is going strong in both local record sales and popularity (KVRX, too). Anyone who know him knows he works hard and deserves this praise. Good job, Danny. If i could i'd buy him a round of tortilla chips and salsa.

And hopefully Rick will get some oscillating fans or shaved ice for the next scorcher at 1919.

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