Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holy Fuck, Crocodiles, & Damaged Good$ at the Lounge Dallas 6/10/09

There was a lot of heavy rain in dallas on this evening. Luckily, it delayed an originally ridiculous early start time and i was able to watch every act. I was surprised that there seemed to be no more than 30 people at this.

I reveled getting to catch openers Damaged Good$ because although i attended a house party (last november) where they were supposed to play, i didn't end up seeing them-thanks to the Denton police. I immediately knew why they've received so much praise in local music press. These dudes are impressive. They soundchecked with "It's so cold in the D"! It was nasty and hilarious. They played about 7 or 8 songs and were alarmed that they only had 20% battery life on the macbook supplying the backing tracks. They made it, though, with updates on the battery life after almost every song. The surgeon mask look that Coool Dundee wore was off the chain along with the analogy "like Swayze" i heard during one song. Theodore ended the set with a 'how he got started' rhyme and then they were done.

San Diego's Crocodiles played next. Man 'o man is this the epitome of the Jesus and Mary Chain reverbed, regurged you know what i'm sayin... Four songs into the set i went outside to have a smoke. Maybe the one good thing about the smoking ban in dallas bars is i can excuse myself from watching shitty bands. Or maybe i've just heard too many of these types of bands and wasn't expecting it. Sucks that some people's electricity went out this evening due to the bad weather, but i sure wouldn't have minded if the power went out during these guys' set. The tight denim jackets looked good, though.

Holy Fuck went on at 12:01am. Thick, groove basslines combined with a durable drummer were definitely an amazing anchor for this group. The other two did some nice tweaking/keyboard playing and contributed equally to this ear-splitting set. Five songs into the set one of them busted a melodica out. Their song "Jungles" has a part that sounds influenced by VU's "All Tomorrow's Parties". Maybe but probably not why Lou Reed was name dropping Holy Fuck as the best band he had seen at last year's SXSW.

It took them about eleven songs to get to thier single Lovely Allen. They tore it up during this one and followed with an encore at 12:47am. I was glad the rain didn't prevent this remarkable show from happening.

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  1. Man that picture a lou reed is harsh, nothing with a shall we say less old geezer looking..maybe somethin from 72