Monday, June 1, 2009

Pat Mahoney, Hercules and Love Affair DJ sets 5/30/09 at Lizard Lounge

Well i don't know why i had higher expectations from Pat Mahoney's DJ set.  He is the drummer for LCD Soundsystem, ya know.  Like, Brooklyn and shit.  Oh well.  He played some cool sounding disco house at this terrible excuse for a live venue.  I hadn't been to the Lizard Lounge in about 8 years.  sheesh.  In case ya didn't know drinks cost an arm and a leg and so does the cover charge.  

I shouldn't have been surprised to see way more people dancing and heating it up in the smaller room where a top 4o DJ was spinning bullshit like 'I like to move it, move it'.  Nasty.  

Although i was less than impressed by this set, it was still fun to see a member of a band that i really like (and a big influence) playing shit he wants people to hear. 

 I might have high expectations after seeing Peter Hook and Andy Rourke's DJ sets within a few weeks of each other at Hailey's a few years back.  (Kevin Barnes' DJ set at SXSW last year was way better than any Of Montreal set [i've seen 3], but then again i don't like Of Montreal-they should have stuck to sounding like the Beatles).  

Oh yeah, and speaking of DJ's, it's been really fun catching MC 900 Foot Jesus play songs at Lee Harvey's every other Thursday.  I believe it's on for this week.  He plays genre spanning sets including everything from Sly and the Family Stone to Crystal Castles to Kraftwerk to more obscure Swedish singers doing covers (Stina Nordenstam).  I really liked how he closed it out last time with an Air track.  And he's really nice to boot.  

scope how good Pat Mahoney's live drumming is:


  1. yeah, I go to Lizard Lounge about once a year to remind myself why going to Lizard Lounge is a bad idea. beautiful building, shitty place to see bands. kudos to Mahoney for at least attempting to play a cool set, tho'. Smacks of something that smells remarkably like...integrity. 900 is indeed gonna be at lee harvey's this thurs. cya there. - laura (mc 900's girl)

  2. Dope track. Finally posted again. Check it out.

  3. I'm sorry I'm not blown away by Mahoney's drumming/live drumming.

  4. Superbligged your shure apathetic