Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gang of Four-"To Hell with Poverty" (1981)

I was gonna post a Delta 5 video of "Anticipation" i recently found, but when i googled it (to found out the exact year it was from) i noticed the Kill Rock Stars blog had just put that one up a few weeks ago. I really shouldn't let that effect my posting since i had never been to that blog before and only approx. 15 people read this shit, but i just don't want anyone to think I'm 'biting someone else's shit' (to use the term from one of the best hip-hop intro's ever, Wu-Tang Forever, disc 2). So here's another more well known post-punk band from Leeds.

These guys were so fucking amazing when i saw them perform(original line-up) most of their album Entertainment! live at the Gypsy Tea Room back in October of 2005. Definitely didn't seem like a gimmicky reunion show. man....

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  1. ha, i posted that anticipation video on my blog recently. that '05 show sounds awesome. why'd i miss that? lame